Dynamics of Living Matter

We develop both theoretical and experimental methods to study complex fluids and living matter over a wide range of scales. We are particularly interested in structures, mechanics and thermodynamics.

Our ultimate goal is to uncover the physical rules that explain the macroscopic properties and functions of materials, tissues or organs from the behavior of their "elementary" constituents.

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May 22 2016 New papers added in the publications page.
Oct 2 2014 We welcome Sochiro, Alan and Ed who just joined the group!
Jul 1 2014 Michał Bogdan, from the University of Wrocław, just joined the group! Michał will be an intern here for the summer before moving to the Department of Physics at Cambridge.
Sep 18 2013 I just joined Cambridge University's Department of Engineering as a new faculty member, and have PhD positions open in my group. Contact me for more details.
Nov 28 2012 Our paper on a model of complex fluids with transient forces, my first article using Generic, has been published online; it is available on the publications page.
Nov 7 2012 Biophysical JournalOur article on a coarse-grained model for mechano-activated fibers has been published, and my illustration chosen for the issue's cover; you may find the paper in publications, and details about the cover in media.
Sep 13 2012 I will present a seminar in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD, on Oct 4 2012.
Sep 13 2012 My two talks (1,2) at the AIChE 2012 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh PA have been scheduled on Oct 30 2012. Stop by if you attend the meeting!
May 31 2012 I will give a talk at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University, Palo Alto CA, on Jun 5 2012.
May 7 2012 I just came back from the last MODIFY European Consortium Meeting, that took place in Antwerp (Belgium), May 3-4 2012.
Apr 25 2012 I will be at the AIChE 2012 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh PA, Oct 28 - Nov 2 2012.
Apr 17 2012 I will participate in the 6th International Workshop on Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics IWNET in Røros (Norway), Aug 19-24 2012.
Apr 13 2012 Our last paper on a new tensile test method for biological tissues has been published; you can find it in the publications list.